Entrance Age

From 16 months at the Pinner Nursery and 12 months at the Hatch End Nursery.

Equal Opportunities

We operate an equal opportunities policy irrespective of cultural background and recognise different festivals throughout the year. We welcome parents/carers to bring their expertise and help in celebrating them with us.

Parental Involvement

In order for us to provide good communication between parents and staff on the well-being of their child, we operate an open-house policy in which parents are able to visit the nursery school at any time. Appointments can also be made if appropriate. The nursery school also produces a newsletter each half term to keep you in touch with what is happening at Jigsaw Nursery. If you would like to spend some time volunteering at the nursery, please speak to the nursery manager.

Record Keeping

Your child’s key person will be maintaining ‘Learning Journals’ of your child’s progress throughout the year by using informal observations. This will determine individual developmental levels to facilitate future planning. These records are available for parents to see at the end of each term.

When your child is aged between two and three, your key person will review your child’s progress and provide you with a short summary of their development in the Prime Areas of learning.


Children are expected to wear uniform to the nursery school which is available through us. No responsibility will be taken for anything brought into the nursery that is not clearly marked. Please ensure that your child wears sensible shoes to nursery school. Open sandals,crocs or shoes without socks should be avoided.

Absence and illness

Please inform the nursery school as soon as possible if your child has a contagious disease, e.g. chicken pox, so that we can inform the rest of the nursery school as soon as possible. If your child is going to be away from the nursery school for more than three days due to sickness or holiday, please let the nursery know, so that this information can be entered on the register.

Children who have had sickness or diarrhoea should not return to nursery for 48 hours since the last episode of illness.


In the nursery school, we promote positive behaviour as an ongoing process, emphasising the importance of being kind and concerned for one another and their surroundings. Children reach levels of maturity at different times so our aim is to help them to understand what are acceptable limits in various situations, emphasising the importance of self-discipline.

Medicine in School

We recommend that children who are on antibiotics should not attend the nursery school for the first 3 days of their course. If medicine is brought to Jigsaw, a letter must be brought in with it, giving permission for the medicine to be administered to your child. Only prescribed medication from your GP can be administered at the nursery.  Parents/carers will also have to sign the record of medication form. Medicine will be administered by a qualified First Aider.


Please ensure that the nursery school has alternative telephone numbers in case of an emergency. Please inform the school as soon as possible if these numbers change.

Collection of children

If your child is being picked up by someone who does not normally do so, please inform the nursery school beforehand. This is to ensure the safety of your child and will save any confusion and embarrassment at the end of the session. The Nursery will inform you of the password system we use.

Toilet training

Children do not need to be toilet trained before they attend nursery and we will be happy to discuss any issues/requirements concerning your child’s toilet training with you. Please provide nappies/pull ups/pants.

Toys from home

Please discourage your child from bringing in toys from home. They always cause problems in nursery school and there is a risk that they will get damaged. However, if your child needs to bring a “comforter” with them, please discuss this with your child’s key person.


If you have any concerns about your child, or are not happy with any aspect of the nursery school, please speak with your key person or nursery manager. If you wish to discuss further please contact Nicky or Sarah. This can be done informally or by appointment.


If you wish your child to leave the nursery, we require one term’s notice in writing, otherwise one term’s fee will be payable.

A full list of our policies is available in the entrance lobby of each nursery.